We've all faced adversity in life and felt the need to Rise Above! If you've been to our slam, you know many folks use humor in telling their stories. This is totally acceptable, but not mandatory. The theme "Rise Above" is a broad theme, and pertains to all types of challenges. Perhaps you've struggled to overcome the death of a loved one, or are in some way are considered a survivor. Tell us your story. Of course, lighter stories are also welcome. Who hasn't struggled to climb out of a mind-numbing job just to escape that cretin in the next cubicle? Maybe your parents didn't believe in your dream of earning a living by selling your Pokemon cards over eBay. We want to hear stories about how you or someone you know were able to Rise Above!

We're also excited to have novelist Kelly Simmons as a Special Guest at our April Slam. Kelly is the author of two books, The Birdhouse and Standing Still, both published by Random House. The New York Journal of Books calls Kelly's The Bird House, "a smart, simmering page turner." Kelly's first book Standing Still is about a woman who suffers from panic disorder and has to overcome her own adversity after being kidnapped. Kelly is also the president of bubble advertising and an engaging public speaker with a great sense of wit. She's also a member of the Philadelphia Liars Club. We're looking forward to hearing her "Rise Above" story.

Our Story Slam is Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm at Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. Groups of 8 or more can call for reservations. Arrive early for dinner and a beer as seats go fast.