A few friends have noted a contradiction between the Story Slam rules and our next theme of “Fiction Romance,” so I thought I’d explain. The stories told at the Story Slam rules are still to be “true as you remember it,” otherwise known as “creative non-fiction.” I believe most, if not all of us, have experienced a type of love, romance, infatuation, or crush on someone that altered our perception of the world. Charles Bukowski said, and I’m paraphrasing here, love is fog. A fog that eventually burns off and we see reality again.

Ideally, stories will be about how love changed one’s perception of reality. Also - this doesn’t have to be about romantic love. The story can be about love of mankind, love of family or friends. So a few questions for this slam is:

- Have you ever been in love with someone you shouldn’t be in love with? - Have you found a love so good you pinched yourself because you didn’t believe it? - Have you ever had your understanding of love tested?

Our themes are meant to be rather broad in scope so as to encourage folks to stand up and tell their story. If your story has any aspect about infatuation, crush, stalking, love, etc, come on up and tell it!