Over the past few months, our story slam has grown tremendously. At our last slam in November, I was excited but also concerned about the amount of story slam fans we squeezed into the space. I felt bad that some of our storytellers and friends had to listen from the hallway, and I felt worse still knowing that some regulars missed the show due to the overcrowding. For those that wedged themselves in, sat on the floor, stood behind the storytellers, or rubbed elbows intimately with strangers, thanks for sticking with the show. Immediately after the Grand Slam, I started searching for a new space that would provide the story slam with room to grow. After talking with the owners of several bars and restaurants in the area, I’m happy to announce the West Chester Story Slam is moving to Victory Brewing Company starting in January. In addition to having great beer, excellent food, and free parking, Victory has the space to accommodate our growing audience. Groups of eight or more can call and make reservations.

I want to thank Pat Ryan at Ryan’s Pub for providing us the space to try a simple little experiment. When we started the story slam two years ago, I really didn’t know if the idea would gain traction. I’ve been overwhelmed at the response and hope we can continue to interest more folks to come out for a night of live storytelling.

Check out our dates and themes on the home page. I look forward to seeing you at Victory on January 10th for our first slam of the new season!

Thanks so much,

Jim Breslin Founder

PS: Yes. Despite the new location, we will still be known as the West Chester Story Slam!