[slideshow]Eli Silberman narrowed out a field of great storytellers to win the 2011 Grand Slam tonight. Eli told a triptych of short stories on memories that have been triggered recently during his everyday life. These memories ranged the gamut: his son telling a brilliant joke in grade school, horse riding with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and nightmares he had while he was on a cruise ship.

Other storytellers during the night included: Andy Meehan, Peter Cunniffe, Mikey Gleason, Jake Frechette, Patrick Carmody, Stephen Castrianni, and Gretchen Cole.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Grand Slam. We had a packed house and appreciate all those who stayed with us through the night in tight conditions. Sorry to those who could not stay due to lack of seating. Please check in here to learn about our plans for the 2012 season!