Sixteen short stories from local Chester County authors, several of whom have told stories at the West Chester Story Slam! The collection includes stories by these slam participants: Jim Breslin, Peter Cunniffe, Jake Michael, Wayne Anthony Conaway and Eli Silberman. Also included is: Virginia Beards, Robb Cadigan, Michael Dolan, Ronald D. Giles, Terry Heyman, Joan Hill, Nicole Valentine and Christine Yurick.

In this debut collection of stories, Jim Breslin explores the soul of suburbia; the disenfranchised and the desperate. The characters in these twenty-one stories struggle to mend relationships and find redemption. Reviewers write,"These stories are human - as funny as they are sad, haunting as they are hopeful."

Jake Michael's historical fantasy Buddha's Thunderbolt tells the tale of Merlin, a 5th Century rationalist, who regards magic as bunk, druids as idiots, and knights as glorified thugs.

Susan Weidener's memoir, Again in a Heartbeat, examines love, loss and dating again. From the moment Susan meets John, love comes calling. Their world comes crashing down when John is diagnosed with cancer. Together they live through the ordeal of illness and the toll it takes on their marriage and family. This candid memoir moves beyond grief to one woman's journey to find strength and happiness in a world without the man she loved.